The streaming war begins<br><br>

The streaming war begins

In January 2015 the Australian television landscape changed dramatically when streaming video on demand services finally became available to Australian viewers.

Meet the Media Super Team

Meet the Media Super Team

Meet the people behind your retirement – the Board members responsible for your super and our every day Superheroes (AKA Business Development Managers).



Built on integrity and powered by creativity, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance is the largest and most established union and industry advocate for Australia’s creative professionals.

Country Press Australia<br><br>

Country Press Australia

Country Press Australia is the national body representing the interests of 300 country newspapers and commercial printeries throughout Australia at a federal level.

Commercial Radio Australia<br><br>

Commercial Radio Australia

Commercial Radio Australia is the national industry body representing Australia’s commercial radio broadcasters, pursuing a range of issues on behalf of its member stations.

The Walkley Foundation<br><br>

The Walkley Foundation

The Walkley Foundation promotes excellence in journalism in all its forms including visual arts, literature, film, video, television, photography, documentary and radio.

Your People

Your People

Explore the many unique and inspirational stories from other members of our Media Super community.