SuperFriend is a nationwide health promotion foundation that helps ‘all profit to member’ superannuation funds to promote and support improved mental health and wellbeing for their members, through the workplace. Created by the Industry Funds Forum, SuperFriend collaborates with industry superannuation funds, group life insurers and the mental health sector to facilitate targeted workplace mental health and wellbeing initiatives for members of these funds.

SuperFriend’s work focuses on the development, promotion and facilitation of information, resources, programs and research about mental health and wellbeing. By improving people’s understanding of mental health, mental illness and wellbeing, SuperFriend seeks to influence and foster mentally healthy, supportive work environments where people flourish and thrive.

Media Super is a corporate member and supporter of SuperFriend, working with the initiative to provide workplace mental health training and resources to our employers and their staff, to ultimately help improve the mental health of our members.