AMWU Print Division

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) represents tens of thousands of workers in all areas of manufacturing, including the printing, design and print packaging industry. The AMWU aim to ensure members receive the pay, conditions, safety and respect they deserve at work. For over 160 years, the AMWU has been part of many significant improvements to the lives of working people, including the 8-hour day, paid maternity leave, rights for apprentices, family-friendly conditions, superannuation, and many more.

Media Super has a long history working with the AMWU Print Division. The AMWU first joined the Print Super community in 1995 when they merged with the Printing and Kindred Industries Union (PKIU) and became a sponsoring organisation of the fund. The AMWU Print Division has remained an important partner after Media Super was formed through the merger of Print Super and JUST Super in 2008.

The AMWU Print Division is a sponsoring organisation of Media Super and has two representatives on the fund’s Trustee Board.

Over the past year, Media Super and the AMWU Print Division have continued our work to support the print and packaging industry. We work in partnership through delegate forums, professional development opportunities, health and wellbeing initiatives, education around retirement planning and broader financial literacy.