There’s power in print

In recent years we’ve seen a transfer of the marketing and advertising dollar to digital channels, with less spent on printed materials. The Value of Paper and Print initiative is helping the print and packaging industry demonstrate that print is still just as powerful as ever – perhaps even more so.

Established by Two Sides Australia and Printing Industries, Value of Paper and Print (VoPP) is arming the industry and influencers with the facts, figures and insights needed to clearly show decision-makers the benefits of including print in the marketing mix, as well as the perils of ignoring it.

VoPP’s detailed report is a comprehensive overview of the benefits and strengths of various printed channels, their role in the path to purchase and branding, as well as the strong return on investment they provide.

The report provides case studies of successful campaigns and highlights innovations in print, as well busting sustainability myths and misconceptions.

Attracting capacity crowds, the initiative went on a national roadshow in April and May 2015, promoting the efficacy and engagement of paper and print as a relevant, effective and modern media channel. The national series of workshops and seminars were supported by Media Super and enabled printers to hear directly from the initiative’s head, Kellie Northwood.

VoPP will continue to work with the print and packaging industry to showcase the strengths of print in marketing and advertising, whether it’s used on its own or as a complementary part of a multi-channel campaign.

Visit the Value of Paper and Print website to find out for yourself the power of print.