Proud to be our community’s industry fund

We’re proud to be an industry super fund, run only to benefit members and dedicated to the community of industries our members come from.

Media Super has a long history in the print, media, entertainment and arts sectors; our roots trace back to 1987 when both Print Super and JUST Super were established in the early years of what became Australia’s modern day superannuation system.

While aspects of the super system may have changed along the way, one important thing hasn’t – industry super funds are still run only to benefit members.

We don’t pay profits to shareholders and we don’t pay commission to financial planners, so the only people who benefit from your super are you and your family.

We understand and support your industry

Much more than a service provider, Media Super is deeply ingrained with and connected to our industries, just as our predecessors were.

We are governed by our trustee Board of Directors, with representatives appointed by key bodies within the print, media, entertainment and arts sectors of Australia’s creative community.

We partner with organisations and groups in support of a variety of talent and professional development programs and industry awards, proof positive that our commitment to you runs deeper than just providing superannuation and pension products.

The Industry SuperFunds family

We’re part of a larger group of Industry SuperFunds, working together on research, policy development, government relations, member education and communications, and advocacy to improve the superannuation system for all Australians.

To learn more about how Industry SuperFunds work for members, visit