July 2014

Media Super released our Direct Investment option, giving members greater control over how their super is invested, while keeping time and fee costs low. You can pick and choose from a range of ASX300 listed shares, exchange traded funds and term deposits to suit your personal objectives, views and risk tolerance.

Depending on your balance, you can invest up to 90 per cent of your balance in the Direct Investment Option, so you can dip your toe in the water managing your own investments or take the plunge.


October 2014

Media Super launched 12 new investment options, plus an additional option especially for pension members. Our expanded range of pre-mixed and single asset class investment options offers you more choice and diversification than ever before.

The new range provided a mix of assets, including shares, property and infrastructure, natural resources, and alternative investments. With more choice, there’s no limit to how you can invest your super.


October 2014

With the launch of our digital member cards, we ensured you’d always have your super account details handy if you want to check your balance, are changing jobs or want to set up extra contributions.

Digital member cards are just one of the new mobile-friendly services Media Super has been developing so you can manage your super on the go. If you haven’t downloaded yours yet, simply login to your online account and request your card.


February 2015

In February we launched an innovative super investment option that takes a takes a whole-of-life approach to investing – SmartPath.

SmartPath is designed for people still working and growing their super savings. When you invest with SmartPath, your investment mix is automatically adjusted as you get older, maximising growth when you are younger and preserving your capital the older you get.


March 2015

Australians are living longer, with many of us now expected to live well into our 80s and 90s. That means your retirement might last a quarter century or more, prompting many people to ask us – will my retirement savings last that long?

In response, Media Super introduced LifetimePlus – an exciting new investment choice for pension members, designed to provide you with an income for as long as you live. Later in June 2015, LifetimePlus also became available to Transition to Retirement (TTR) members, giving all Media Super pension members the opportunity to access this income for life investment option.


May 2015

It got easier to manage your Media Super pension (including Transition to Retirement) through your online account when we launched new functionality.

You can now request a copy of your Centrelink schedule – used to help workout your entitlement to a pension or other government income stream – quickly and easily through your online account, saving you the time and hassle of sitting on the phone or visiting Centrelink.

You can also manage your pension payment frequency and amount through your online account at your convenience.


May 2015

The print, media, entertainment and arts industries are rapidly changing and constantly evolving, and so too are many of our jobs. Media Super undertook an Industry Outlook survey of members in May this year, to get a better understanding of their working journey, what they think their job and industry will look like in the future, and how we can make sure their superannuation needs are being met now and later in life.

Media Super members are in agreement as to what the greatest challenges facing our industries are. In news and media it’s declining revenue and shrinking editorial departments; in the arts and entertainment industries it’s a lack of well-paying jobs and declining public investment; and in print, packaging and visual communications it’s the increased popularity of digital printing and a declining demand for services that are seen as the major challenges.


May 2015

The Media Super community’s Yearbook and personal #msBIGmoments were honoured by the financial services industry at the Financial Standard MAX awards, recognising our genuinely strong link with our members and your industries.

Confirming our place as the fund for people who create things, Media Super took home the awards for Website of the Year – Superannuation and the Social Media Campaign of the Year.

As the super fund for print, media, entertainment and the arts we’re always striving to be innovative and vibrant in everything we do – and we hope we’ve not only met, but exceeded your expectations.

We’re very proud to have your stories and work recognised, and we’re very thankful to the Media Super community for connecting with us and embracing these innovations in communication.